1797 Part of Faden's map of Norfolk;
At this time the River Waveney meandering through Whetacre Marshes to its outlet to the sea at Yarmouth. Lake Lothing was cut off from the sea and joined the Waveney via Oulton Dyke. Lowerstoft had no harbour and fishing boats were launched from the sandy beach below the lighthouses. The main road from Beccles to Yarmouth by passed Lowestoft.

2007: Sketch map of Lowestoft Harbours;
red line = railway; black lines are major roads through the town and arrows indicate one-way system.

The town was joined through Pakefield to the southern turnpike roads to Ipswich. The layout of the harbour has not changed since the civil engineer and railway developer, Morton Peto developed the harbour and railway system by joining Lake Lothing to the sea in ????

Part of Ian G Robb's sketch map of Lowestoft c 1835 compared with a sketch of town and harbour 2007; The 'scores' are the parallel roads that gave fishermen access to the beach. 'Rant Score', common to both maps, can be identified by name.